Market Analysis And Planning

Working with key stakeholders, we perform a SWOT analysis in order to determine where the company is positioned in the market. With this information we can map out a strategy in the firm’s target geographical market.

  • Market analysis
  • Geographical Mapping
  • Identify Opportunities


After identifying the opportunity, the next step is to create your presence in the market. REMpak helps you identify which methods are ideal and assists in carrying them out.

  • Marketing plan
  • Sales tools
  • Web site
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media

Prospecting And Closing Sales

Once your presence is set, REMpak can directly work to create new relationships and networks. We do the heavy lifting of prospecting your targets and closing new sales.

  • Organisation of your sales department
  • Cold call campaigns
  • Client meetings
  • Deal negotiating and closing
  • Client satisfaction