We Are A Boutique Multinational

Comprised of a small team of experts with a combined 25+ years of experience, we have helped a broad set of companies move a wide swath of goods around the world.

The firm is ran by two partners. One is based in Chicago, IL USA and the other in Montreal, QC Canada. Upon meeting they recognized a synergy and need in the market to assist manufacturing firms in developing new markets outside of their home countries.

REMpak Consulting is the result of identifying this need. We are knowledgeable, dedicated, and eager to help you open new opportunities.

About Us


Roy McAfee, President & Founder

Roy McAfee is the founder and President of REMpak Consulting. He began his career as an account manager for a small packaging sales firm. Eventually he moved into a business development/marketing role with that same company as he built a successful book of food manufacturing clients, many in the Top 100 CPGs.

After the creation of REMpak Consulting, he diversified his market to include building materials, with which he brought on the third largest overhead door manufacturer in the United States as a client, and he continues to look for ways to diversify further in his partnership with Jeremie Grondin. His success has come from his commitment to valuing customers as partners and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Living in Chicago, IL has only fueled a fondness for hockey and baseball, and he attends many live events. Chicago also provides a great hub for his other passion, which is traveling. He gets to enjoy these and other activities with his wife and dog.


Jeremie Grondin, Business Development

Jeremie Grondin was inspired in the business world by his grandfather. He always knew that sincere relationships with clients and hard work were the keys to success.

He began his career as a representative at Acier Drummond. Then, for 11 years at Extrucan, he held the position of Plant Manager and General Manager, where he structured and developed the company while growing it very quickly.

Anxious to constantly push his limits, in 2014 he engaged in a personal and entrepreneurial approach to the School of Entrepreneurship of Beauce. The values ​​of free thought, sharing with a dynamic community, and the importance he gives to his continuing education have propelled him to new heights of achievement.

Being ambitious, he always had the desire to create a company in the United States. From there was born his association with REMpak. His collaboration with Roy McAfee is an energetic fusion of their common vision and complementary skills.

Balancing work and family, he knows how to enjoy moments spent with his boys and his wife. A positive visionary, he wishes to transmit his values ​​of education, perseverance, and openness to the world, to his children.

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